Himalayan Salt Chamber

At Easter Compton Farm Shop our mission has always been to provide our customers with brilliant deals, excellent service, and most importantly; top quality produce.

And one of the ways we're providing that top quality produce is by Dry Ageing meats in our very own Himalayan Salt Chamber!

  Himalayan Salt Block    Himalayan Salt Block

These unassuming translucent pink blocks were imported from mines in the Punjab region in the foothills of the Himalayas. It was there where each one of our 1,000 salt blocks was cut by the hands of specialist craftsmen from the region. This is just another level of quality, skill and attention to detail involved in the process of taking our meats from good to great!

Having a wall of Salt at the back of the room helps to draw the excess moisture from the meat and over a period of 21 - 45 days it boosts the flavour that is naturally brought out by the dry ageing process. But we've noticed that having a wall of Himalayan Salt adds just that little something extra.

Through the process of Ionisation, the negative ions from the Himalayan Salt penetrate the flesh and counteract the positive ions in the meat. The result of this reaction is a uniquely sweet, moist, and flavoursome end product. It's not the Salt alone however, but the delicate balance of temperature, humidity, and UV light that make this a superior method for dry-aging meat.

The Himalayan Salt Chamber is a popular concept now, but we here at Easter Compton had one of the first Salt Chambers in the whole of Europe. We've been fine tuning, tweaking and perfecting the conditions in our Himalayan Salt Chamber for years and you can taste the results!

Himalayan Salt Blocks with MeatHimalayan Salt Blocks

So whether it's Science, Alchemy or neither and our meat was already just that good, the results are clear! Some brilliant Dry Aged Beef with a purity of flavour that's nigh on impossible to to find for such a good price anywhere else!

From Punjab to Easter Compton and then to your plate; we really have moved mountains for this taste sensation.