Welcome to Easter Compton Farm Shop

We’re an Artisanal Butchery and Farm Shop just minutes away from Cribbs Causeway who provide Top Quality farm shop produce all year.


Here at Easter Compton we take pride in offering our customers a fine selection of locally sourced produce. For 20 Years now we've been Providing the Restaurants and People of Bristol and Bath with some of the finest locally sourced, farm reared meats. As well as our fresh fruit and veg, kitchen staples, and all sorts of tasty sweet  and savoury treats! Whether you want something gorgeous and gourmet or a bit more deliciousness in your daily diet we’ve got it all in one place and guaranteed to be fresh and full of flavour.


We have an extensive meat counter serving you with a delicious selection of the finest Artisan prepared cuts of meat in the region.

Himalayan Salt Block 4Of course, there’s also our amazing Dry Aged Beef, dried on-site in a Himalayan Salt Chamber for up to 45 days to get that perfect moreish flavour infused in some of the tastiest steaks and roasts you’ll ever eat! (If you want to know more about the process and how it works I’d advise reading our page about Himalayan Salt)

We don’t much like the idea of only eating the same three or four meats all the time though, so if you’re like us and want a bit of intrigue and variety every now and then, you’ll enjoy the fact that we also stock and supply Exotic and Uncommon meats such as: Kangaroo, Ostrich, Wild Boar and more. As well as all your classic game birds like: Pheasant, Guinea Fowl, Pigeon, and Duck.

As well as all this we also have a rotating stock of Homemade Traditional Sausages, with a selection of both classic and unusual flavours changing on a weekly basis! Typically, we offer an average of 8 varieties of Sausage at any one time. Some of our favourites include: Traditional Pork, Gluten-free, Venison, Game, Pork & Cranberry, Beef & Chilli, Beef & Stilton, Minted Lamb, Jamaican Curried Goat, and many more!

Balance is as important to us as quality though, so of course you’ll find organic locally grown fruit and veg in store to compliment your chosen source of protein. Organic might mean ugly, but here at Easter Compton Farm Shop we don’t hold that against you. (As long as you’re delicious!)

And that’s not all! Anything Cured, Smoked, or Cooked in our shop is either produced on site using our own secret recipes (including our Handmade Faggots and Scotch Eggs), or else it’s made by top notch local producers right here in the West Country.

Speaking of cooking, while you’re already here why not stop for a bite to eat and a cuppa in our café? Where we serve a hearty menu prepared using our own stock to whet your appetite for things to come!


But wait! Still there’s more! If you’re planning on a day in the sun, a long night with your mates, or just want an obscenely large amount of cider around the house then we’ve got just the thing! We’ve not only got an amazing selection of bottled Apple, Pear and Fruit Ciders; We’ve also got over 14 different Draught Ciders and Perrys! Each one a delicious and refreshing treat. Available in 2.5 Litres, 5 Litres, or if you want it en-masse, entire kegs available to rent!

And finally (we promise), we’d like to offer you our services under our catering branch, Market Square Catering. We can provide delicious restaurant quality cooked food for any event you can name, in any place we can reach. Whether you want a Hog Roast at your Wedding, a BBQ at your Birthday, Kebabs at your Anniversary, or a Full Bar at your Funeral (we don’t judge), we do it all at irresistible prices! All with totally customisable menus, serving options, sauces and sides.

So why not pop in and see if we’re all we’re cracked up to be today!

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